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Sunsynk Batteries

  • Sunsynk CATL Battery LFP 5.12kWh-Powerland

    Sunsynk CATL Battery LFP 5.12kWh

    Part No: SUN-BAT-CATL-5.12 Storage Systems - Li-ion Battery Pack   Brackets not included Introducing Sunsynk's energy storage module well designed for residential UPS and off-grid applications. Cells produced by CATL, a global leader in lithium-ion battery developement and manufacturing. Product Features Long life span with an expected life of 10-years 5-year product warranty(non extendable) 10-year performance warranty Parallel capability of 16 units 100% Depth of Discharge 5.12kW maximum discharge power (C0.5 rated)  Batteries provide excellent thermal stability and storage and also has a self-monitoring function to detect abnormalities.  IP rating 40   INSTALLER NOTICE: Installations with Sunsynk products now need to be registered here.  Supplier Part No: Sunsynk CATL Battery LFP 5.12kWh Weight: 47.5 kg Battery Type: Lithium Ion Nominal Energy: 5120 Wh Depth of discharge: 100.00 % Voltage: 48 V Continuous Discharge Rate (Normal Use): 2400 W Maximum Discharge Rate (5 Minutes): 4800 W Surge Discharge Rate (15 Seconds): 9600 W Maximum Charge Rate (5 Minutes): 4800 W


  • Sunsynk 5.32kWh Battery SUN-BATT-5.32

    Sunsynk 5.32kWh Battery SUN-BATT-5.32

    Details Introducing the Sunsynk 5.32kWh Battery - a top-grade 5.32kWh lithium-ion phosphate battery flexible and reliable energy storage solution for your home or business. With a 100% depth of discharge (recommended 80%), you can make the most of your usable energy. Plus, the battery is scalable from 5.32 to 85.12 kWh, making it a flexible investment for your changing energy needs. Made with premium lithium ion phosphate (LFP) and engineered to the highest standards, this Sunsynk battery boasts a long lifespan of up to 6000 cycles, ensuring a safe and reliable source of power for years to come. Installation is a breeze, the BMS (Battery Management System) also offers a quick paralleling function, so no dip switches are needed, making installation straightforward with the option to mount it on the floor or walls it weighs just 46.5kg. The Sunsynk 5.32kWh battery is 1C rated, meaning that it will be able to charge or discharge at the full 5.32kWh until it is depleted. It is also compatible with major PCS brands, ensuring perfect compatibility with your existing solar energy system. And with one button activation, you can easily turn it on and off with automatic ID assignment. Don't let power outages disrupt your daily life - invest in the Sunsynk battery today. Features: Usable Energy - 100% depth of discharge (recommended 80%) Flexible Investment - Scalable from 5.32 to 85.12 kWh Safe & Reliable - Premium lithium ion phosphate (LFP) 6000 cycles Easy Installation - Floor stand or wall mounted Perfect Compatibility - Compatible with major PCS brand One Button Activation - ON / OFF automatic ID assignment


  • Sunsynk Lifelynk X 3.6kW SUN-LIFE3.6X-HYB Hybrid Inverter

    Sunsynk Lifelynk X 3.6kW SUN-LIFE3.6X-HYB Hybrid Inverter

    Details The new Sunsynk Lifelynk X 3.6kW LIFE3.6X-HYB Hybrid Inverter by Sunsynk Mobile is a true all-in-one, plug-and-play, expandable inverter that has been created to simplify and speed up installation.The dedicated Sunsynk Connect Platform enables full control, visibility, and access to the system, making site-specific customisation easy.The Sunsynk Lifelynk X 3.6kW LIFE Hybrid Inverter comes complete with everything you need to install this cutting-edge storage solution. In-built connection points give access to the Load, Grid, CT, and WiFi data logger ports, making it a true "plug and play" system.From the pre-set factory settings to the in-built connection ports, the Sunsynk Lifelynk X 3.6kW SUN-LIFE3.6X-HYB Hybrid Inverter has been designed with convenience and hassle-free installation in mind. Features: Small and Mighty - An ideal solution for smaller properties, social housing and local government projects Power Built-in - 3.6kW hybrid inverter, 3.84kWh LiFePO4 battery and a 4.5kW MPPT all in one compact unit EPS Function - Includes option for 3.6kw Output for Essential Loads Easy to Install - Everything you need included in one solution with easy access to ports and a wall mountable bracket Plug and Play - Get up and running quickly Convenient and Hassle-free - The Lifelynk has been designed with easy installation in mind Maximum Power Output - 3600w Dimensions - 700.6 x 534.6 x 182.2mm Weight - 57.4kg This product is perfect for retrofitting into a current solar PV install. It would need to suit the power rating of the current solar array. The built-in battery is also expandable to a higher capacity at a later date if required. The Sunsynk Lifelynk X also has the ability to power an emergency power system in case of a power cut. It will also suit installation alongside an EV charger too.  


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